Raising children in today’s world of high exposure without complete & correct age appropriate information about growing up, sex & safety is every bit as hazardous as turning a small child loose in traffic.
However, the topic of sex and sexuality can be hard and uncomfortable for parents to broach as most have grown up in an environment where these things were never discussed and were considered a taboo.

Are you a Parent who realises the need for Sex Education, but has these niggling doubts...?

Is this what is stopping you from talking to your child?

Then its time you attend our 'BREAK THE WALL OF SILENCE' Talk
An interesting mind unblocking talk on understanding the purpose of sex education, the why, when, how, and how much of sex education and its urgency, especially in today’s world. All this and more in an informative and interactive 1 hour session with case studies, followed by Q&A's.

Open for an audience of 18 to 80 years!

To Organise a talk in your School, Organisation, Social Club or Groups write to us at or call 9819457204