Outsourcing the sex talk

The first time you have sex you cannot get pregnant. – If you have sex standing up you won’t make a baby. – AIDS happens only in Africa.

These are just some of the myths that teens constantly bring up at Anju Kishinchandani’s sex education workshops in Mumbai. Most of these misconceptions stem from how teens get their information. “They listen in on older kids talking on the school bus, or swap stories with friends,” Kishinchandani says. And then there is the dubious nature of information found on the world wide web.

Keen to educate their precocious kids about the facts of life but unsure of how to go about it, many parents are outsourcing “the talk”. Kishinchandani, a former journalist who was inspired to start the `Out of the Box’ workshops three years ago after having the talk with her own son, says that while new-age parents realize it’s important to l communicate with their kids about sex, they are often clueless about how to initiate the discussion. Even those who share a close rapport with their children and are willing to take on the topic are unsure about what is age-appropriate and how much the children need to know.

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