Ms. Garimaa Sethi

The Sex Education workshops conducted by UnTaboo were able to bring clarity in the minds of students and dispel a lot of myths. The team of trainers’ lead by Ms. Anju handled the sessions with ease and great poise. Though the sessions have initiated a lot of curiosity among the students, the result will help them in dealing with themselves and peers in a better manner. It has also proved knowledgeable about matters that they could not have discussed easily with others. With regard to the talk for Staff members, it was an eye-opener of how ignorant they were on certain issues and at the same time a great exposure on how to handle queries on such issues. Overall, it was a great effort and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

- School Counselor,
Mayo College, Ajmer

Lt. Gen(Retd) Kulkarni

We appreciate the initiative and hard work done by UnTaboo Group. Based on the response received from the staff and students, I can say that the workshop was very informative and knowledgeable. And it has educated them in a positive manner and will help them in dealing with the physical and emotional age appropriate changes. I would like to thank you for the time and effort put in by the team. It is highly commendable.

- Director,
Mayo College, Ajmer

Kavita Shetty

Thank you the entire Untaboo team for conducting such a brilliant workshop.  It was quite insightful for my kid.  I wouldn't have been able to explain this sensitive topic in a more appropriate way then this thoughtful workshop.

Sheetal Subramanian

Thank you Untaboo team for such an informative cum fun workshop for my daughter. I had my reservations before sending her but  am totally convinced now about  having done the right thing by sending her...It has cleared all her queries and the parent child session was also very informative. ..keep up the good work!

Rajesh Mapuskar

I sat there stunned during the parent session as I watched my son and his open mindedness. It was a wonderful sight to see how kids in a day’s training were talking so openly.
I remember as a child, I spent many a traumatic years not knowing whether what I was experiencing was right or wrong. Information from friends led to loads of misconceptions and I lived with guilt and fear for many years. Then someone like Anju and her team comes in your life and turns the whole thing around and decodes it for you, taking away the guilt and lifting the weight off your shoulder.
My kids are blessed they will never go through that because of the effort Anju and her team are putting to educate them so early in their life. Can’t thank you enough Anju!

Maheep Dhillon

My daughter participated in the teens workshop. When we dropped off the children in the morning, they made for a shy, awkward group of teenage boys and girls. And then, we came back at 4. The energy in the room was amazing! The children seemed totally comfortable with each other and their coordinators. There was laughter and conversation all around. We were astounded at their confidence and lack of inhibition and knowledge
To accept the changes and urges of your body and not be ashamed of them, to understand that there is a right time and age for everything, to have pornography demystified and exposed - these are no mean achievements for a 14-15 year old. I saw this workshop transform normal, healthy teenagers into normal-er, healthier ones!
I came away with a deep sense of gratitude and amazement towards these ladies, and a sense of urgency that their work needs to benefit every single child in this world.

Neena Aswani

“I was down from Hong-Kong on holiday to Mumbai when I heard about your Puberty program from a friend. My 11 year old daughter attended the workshop and I can’t thank Anju enough for the wonderful job she did. My daughter not only understood all that she needed to know, but she is so positive about puberty now. The workshop also changed my relationswe have become closer. I owe Anju big time!”

Shivani Desai

Thank you helping me break-ice with Aza. Literally. When I tried doing a mother-daughter session with her about the proverbial "birds n bees" she had closed-up on me terribly!
After the session she asked me - Mom, are you pmsing today? Are you expecting your period, because you've been irritable for the past few days!!!"
And we both laughed loud as I nodded in assertive.